Got a new guitar

Today I got a new guitar. It’s an ESP LTD EC-401FM. I bought it from because a new one costs 700 euro. I tuned it to drop C. I did this because I want to learn songs from the band A Day To Remember. They play most of their songs in drop C. I keep my old one for playing normal songs. The old guitar is tuned to drop D.
My new guitar
When I have learned some songs I will record it and post it here for you.


Trelin said...

Good luck with the learning. Looking forward to a listen.

Football Maniac said...

Gratz, this piecae looks artistic indeed!

Tony Storm said...

looks awesome

Dootzkie said...

Looks wicked. Now you will have a great incentive to learn :D

Try telling your mates and boasting about it as well. Then you will know you can't fail or you will be ripped :D

Paranormal Explorer said...

I look forward to hearing what you learn :)

baka1236 said...

looking forward to the covers man

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