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Hello! My name is Bart Bergmans, 18 years old. I was born and raised in Tilburg, it’s a city in the Netherlands. I’m currently living with my parents. I have no siblings so it’s quiet here. I do have a pet, a hamster. It’s a small russian dwarf hamster. Since about a year ago I play guitar, usually rock. My favorite music genre’s are classical rock, hardrock, indie, punk, punkcore, hardcore, metalcore and deathcore. My favorite bands are Rise Against, Parkway Drive, Comeback Kid, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, Red Hot Chili Peppers and 3 Doors Down.
Since I was a little kid i was interested in computers. When I was in primary school I started with HTML, making simple site’s. Now I’m at college and learn to code in C#, Java, LUA and more. When I’m done with school I would like to work as a Java developer or maybe as PHP web developer.
This blog is mainly about things I did lately, new stuff I got, interests etc. This is my second blog. My first one was only a little experimental blog with only a few blogposts. Well, thanks for reading this and check my blog frequently for updates.


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